Do You Know The Best Way To Add Value To Your Home?

It has been said that adding a conservatory to your property is one of the best methods of increasing your home’s value.

Low Cost ConservatoriesA recent article posted has demonstrated that the average cost of a conservatory ranges between £7,000 and £12,000, but can add as much as 10% to the value of the property. Not only that, it can also provide some much needed extra space for houses of all sizes.

Whether you have a two-bedroomed semi-detached home or a large detached property out in the sticks, a well-designed conservatory can make a real difference to the feel of a home. The extra room can be used for a variety of purposes – a play room for the children, a quiet space to retreat to in the evening, or a designated area for hobbies.

A south facing conservatory will be the warmest so if you wish to use your new conservatory to grow interesting plants, you might find that checking which direction your conservatory will face is crucial to the success of your horticultural plans.

Having a conservatory added to your home is often an excellent method of adding value to your home should you decide to sell in the future, but in the meantime you and your family can enjoy having the additional living space. find out more about lean to conservatories 

Bear in mind that an east facing conservatory will give you the most sunshine during the morning, whilst a west facing conservatory will give you a sunny room in the evening.

Planning permission for conservatories

Before you get started on your new conservatory, you will need to establish whether you will need to gain planning permission. Most conservatories won’t actually need planning permission, however if your plans contain the following points, you will need to arrange permission:

  • The conservatory is to cover over half of the garden
  • The conservatory is not to be used for domestic use
  • The conservatory will be over 4 metres high

Points to consider when constructing a conservatory

There are various rules which will apply when planning a conservatory, so your builder will need to run through these with you when you are still in the planning stages. Take into account whether foundations will need to be dug to provide sufficient support for the conservatory, and what type of materials will be used in the construction. For example, choosing a conservatory which has a low U value will provide optimum insulation and will help to save on heating costs.

Depending on which way your conservatory will face will also have an impact on issues such as ventilation, so getting all of the technical issues agreed in the planning stages will help to ensure that you will be able to enjoy your conservatory from for years to come.

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