All of Your Double Glazing Questions Answered

If you’re considering replacing your windows with the double glazed variety, you might find it useful to read this post or visit this site, in order to answer any questions you may have.

Will double glazing save me money?

If your home currently does not have double glazing and you have an average sized 3-bedroom semi, you can look at saving up to £180 per year on your energy bills. Provided they are well maintained, your uPVC windows should last for around 20 years or so, making them a worthwhile investment.

I don’t like white frames; can I choose an alternative colour?

UPVC Double Glazing WindowsThis depends on the manufacturer, but many suppliers will now be able to offer you a choice of colours. This means you can choose your window frames to complement your home, giving you an aesthetically pleasing finish.

I like the look of wooden windows but want the low maintenance features of uPVC windows, what should I go for?

There is a relatively new style of frame on the market which looks just like a timber window frame, but has the same features as a uPVC frame. The flush system even has a realistic grain pattern imprinted onto it, though it requires no painting or varnishing and can simply be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

My current windows experience a lot of condensation, will double glazing help?

Condensation is caused by internal and external pressures and changes of temperature surrounding the window pane, rather than the type of window. However, high specification glass within a double glazed window unit will help to reduce the amount of condensation developing on the inside pane of the glass, as greater thermal insulation is provided.

How secure are uPVC double glazed windows?

Window security does vary between manufacturers, so it’s a good idea to ask your supplier regarding the security features of your chosen window frames. Make sure that the components such as cylinders, gears, hinges and latches are all reinforced so as to provide additional security for your home.

I want a window which is made from eco-friendly sources, is this possible?

Yes, there are manufacturers that utilise recycled materials which may have originally been destined for landfill. The performance of the frame will match that of a frame made from brand new materials, however homeowners can take pride in the fact that their windows are eco-friendly.

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