Modern UPVC conservatories

UPVC Conservatory OptionsAdding a conservatory is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways of extending your home. You gain a stunning extra room, saving months of messy building work, which increases your property’s value without compromising its security.

Today’s conservatories are a far cry from the rickety, single-glazed types that sweltered for several months then froze for the rest. Nowadays you can luxuriate in year-round, weather-proof spaces that can let in the sun and scents of summer but protect you from the British weather at other times.

They are also remarkably versatile: relax there in the evening after a busy day, entertain your guests or provide the children with a playroom. Use of the latest materials gives durability and low-maintenance convenience, all designed with your specifications and requirements at the forefront.

As with our windows or doors at,security is a vital consideration, so the high-strength materials and hardware used leave you safe in the knowledge that any would-be burglars would end up diverting their plans to a less secure property.

UPVC Conservatory Options