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Shoreline and Flower of Scotland

Shoreline is a body of work encompassing the beauty of the Highland landscape, while Flower of Scotland is our much talked about artwork which graced our front window.
Shoreline and Flower of Scotland

Flower of Scotland

Shoreline is an atmospheric collection of large to small canvasses reflecting the moods and surfaces of the Highland coastline. With paintings available both in oil and acrylic Fiona has managed to capture fleeting moments of light on water, handling the medium in an experimental and sensitive way. Shoreline is a vibrant body of work depicting the changing elements and encompassing the beauty of the Highland landscape which is very much the signature style of this local artist.

Fiona Matheson - Falling Clouds
Fiona Matheson - Falling Clouds

In the last few weeks passers by could not fail to notice our Michael Forbes centre piece displayed in our window; it has certainly provoked many a discussion between the generations.  It is now hanging from one of the gallery walls however this statement piece is with us for a limited time. Available to purchase from the gallery as a tubed print or ready framed for those who so desire.

Micheal Forbes is an almost entirely self taught Pop Surrealist artist, who lives in an isolated area in the North of the Scottish Highlands. He worked as an assistant to Pop artist Gerald Laing in his youth, from whom he "learned more from....than any art school education could provide". Michael's paintings are an extraordinary visual record of his  thoughts and dreams., often journeying into the subconsciousness.

Michael's work shows a magical and playful, dream-like world laced with humour and pop-culture. Michael can count a number of celebrities as fans of his work including Ricky Gervais and Terry Gilliam who are both collectors. This piece titled Flower of Scotland is typical of Michael's style. Using collage he has developed a eclectic collection of Scottish celebrities, historical figures and the odd beastie to celebrate this country's rich tapestry of talent.


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