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Profiles of artists exhibiting at Beauly Gallery

Within the walls of our conveniently located Highland art gallery you will discover a vast array of original artwork and high quality prints by Scottish artists, many of whom live locally. In many cases giving Beauly Gallery staff the opportunity to call on their studios and witness a glimpse of the artistic process being applied.

Our exhibitions change on a regular basis providing our visitors with a fresh viewing experience every time they visit.

On the following pages we have a fascinating insight into some of the artists who exhibit at the Beauly Gallery. Many of the entries have been written by the artists themselves and discloses what inspires them to create their art. We will be completing the image collection while at the same time increasing the number of artists listed in the coming weeks. So come back soon and find out who has been added or updated.

To view the page for each artist click on the thumbnail images below. Enlarged versions of the artists work can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on the artist detail page.